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We appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted.  

With our extensive knowledge of the region, and a diverse database of contacts for specific needs, we have been providing location scouting services in Georgia, and throughout the Southeast, since 1984. With two of us working, individually or together, on assignments, we inherently invest our cumulative knowledge, focus and flexibility in each production. It’s this synergy that sets our work apart, and makes us one of the most effective options for your location needs.  

We can shoot photos or video and post the images to a web site for easy viewing. We are also available to manage or coordinate different aspects of your production needs. 

We very much appreciate your consideration. We would like to put our energy and resources to work for you.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help you with initial consultations in any way.

Contact Us
Michael Colford and Gemma Colford
Atlanta Location Scouts